Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Global Warming Kills The Carteret islands

The last time I wrote about global warming,the collapse of ice sheets and rising sea level several readers contacted me with views ranging from “Stop scaring my children” to “Don’t you know climate change is a hoax”. We all have our opinions but today there is overwhelming evidence that the world is getting warmer.


The people of the Carteret Islands are only the beginning. Nearly one third of the Earth’s population lives in low lying and flood plain areas and will be effected by global warming. After the Carteret Islands are vacated and of no use, what community will be the next victim of global warming and our all-consuming economy?

As I sit at my desk I can see the faint haze of pollution over the city; the small cost of doing business as usual. How do I manage to take this for granted? How can I live with it and forget what I am doing to the Carteret Islanders?
                                                                Dr. Gerry Goeden, The Epoch Times


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